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United Kingdom
Hello there.
I am Natasha but you can call me Paradox if you so wanted. (But any alternative nickname to Natasha is fine!)

I am a freelance artist in my school, it's only a hobby but I am aiming to becoming a full fledged artist and animator.
Things I am personally interested in are:
-Wolves (Or simply canines)
-Science (Stars and forensics)
-Anime (This is varied)
-Art (obviously)
-Computers (Mostly due to the fact I help my mother with hers on a continuous basis)
-Video games (I honestly just enjoy a good game)


Loyal to the core
The "Mad Genius" has a friend. This girl to be exact. Fused with Sherlock's best friend, she makes sure to keep an eye on her friend and will make sure to patch her up in a hurry if need be. I should be using they/them pronouns for this person as they see themselves as genderfluid but they always seem to be a girl around their friend so the friend just uses female pronouns. Trying to keep their friend safe and sound of mind is a priority of theirs but they should focus on their own well being more.

John Watson is copyright of BBC.
Rough but Gentle
Here's another member of the public who's been affected. This poor fellow has had the dominatrix, Irene Adler, fused with him. He tends to end up fighting this new personality but it always seems like his efforts are for nothing. He's seen the girl that's fuse with Sherlock around and can't help but be curious about her. He's been trying to work up the courage to go say hello but when he starts to go near her his head fills up with thoughts that aren't safe for work, he blames Adler for this.

Adler is copyright of the BBC.
Mad Genius
A small reboot to my 'Insanity' Series, but it will be less edgy than what it was intended to be.
In this world a strange illness has fallen upon people, some people seem to have gained a second personality based off a fictional character! Though this is no mere illness, the characters are just from a different universe and somehow have fused with some inhabitants from this universe, altering their appearances as well as their minds. This mad little girl has had Sherlock (BBC) accidentally fuse with her. She doesn't even notice as Sherlock has chosen to not let himself be known as he studies her.

Sherlock is copyright of the BBC.
The Warmth of Light
Another quick picture I did in MS paint. This time of a deer.
A request from VelociPRATTor who asked me to draw their Gravity Falls OC.
Sorry for the wonky anatomy, still practising.
Ben belongs to VelociPRATTor
Bill and Gravity Falls belongs to Alex Hirsch



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